The first recorded records of our church date back to the late 1800’s, specifically in November of 1884. In that entry it shows that the first recorded members of the church were T.M. Anderson and R.S. Rogers, who became members in 1880. It was referred to as “The Church at Pine Grove.” The officiating pastor at the time was a gentleman who went by the name L.N. Brock.  In the entry dated for November 1884, the church officials such as Clerk and Deacons elected were  E. Blevins and Frank Sammons, who were elected as deacons, and L. A. Whitt was elected as Clerk. The church was a part of the Coosa Baptist Association.

The original recorded deed for the church property dated January 5th, 1885 from the Dade County Superior Court records states, ” Three months after date we promise to pay W.G. Morrison fifty three 50/100 dollars for value received with interest from date at the rate of seven percent per annum…”

Here is an excerpt of the hand-written entry into the church records from February, 1885 about how they would pay for the original purchase of land for our church:
“On motion the Church agrees to pay 25 cents per month for each male member and 10 cents for each female member to pay church debt.”

The following is a list of a few of the charter members of the Church at Pine Grove.

L.M. Anderson, R.S. Rogers, Thomas Broom, Lee Ridley, Zachariah Taylor, E. Blevins, Tom Quinton, L. A. Whitt, James Allen, Jesse Abercrombie.  The list goes on to name many others who were members of this church at it’s early beginnings.

In August, 1885, the name of the church was officially changed to Unity Church. By 1915 the church had changed its name back to “Pine Grove Church.” The church would conduct business at a monthly meeting held on the Saturday night before the third Sunday of each month. The Pastor was elected and called for a one-year term each year. No church member was allowed to be absent from these monthly meetings unless they were granted leave from the moderator, who must be elected each year by at least a 2/3 majority of the membership. If they were absent without leave, they would be excluded from the church. According to the “Rules of Decorum” no person could speak more than three times on the same subject at a business meeting without a 2/3 majority vote by the church membership. The official recorded church roll on May 7, 1922 had the following 18 names:

1.  W.H. Tinker
2.  E.M. Blevins
3.  Mrs. Eliza Tinker
4.  J.L. Myers
5. Walter Camp
6.  Ella Camp
7. Angie Abraham
8. Albert Abraham
9. Mrs. Tilda Pryor
10. Sallie Mahan
11. Lillie Quinton
12. Daisy Quinton
13. Alma Whitt
14. Catherine Harp
15. Ella Gifford
16. Virgie Dominick
17. Lizzie Quinton
18. C.S. Shadrick

The church was padlocked and unused for a period of time in the 1930’s and then re-opened in 1938 and has had regular meetings since that time. The following is a list of the pastor’s from 1938 to the present time:

Blake Swanson
Lester Howell
Pearl Tinker
James Nabors
Paul Rowland
Charlie McCrary
Lester Howell
Alton Hickey
Charlie McCrary
A.C. Clark
Grover Long
Ed Kelley
Jesse Mitchell
Tom Schilds
Fred Vaught
Roy Goodson
George Sexton
John Schrimshire
Claude Dykes
Bob Marshall
Richard Heatherly
Bud Stidham
Bill Enslen
Fred Leonard
Bill Hampton
Steve Sparks
John Smith